El Dar For Investments & Real Estate Development S.E.A.

El Dar for Investments & Real Estate Development S.E.A. an Egyptian joint stock company existing under the Law No.159 of 1981as amended by Law No. 3 / 1998. We mainly work in high luxurious compounds and resorts with the best quality of services and finishing, also we provide a number of supplementary services such as furnishing and interior decorations.

Since the very first beginning and after a deep study for the Real Estate market in Egypt notably the Red Sea region, we could understand the client’s psychology and how to meet their needs.

Part of our mission is to guide you through the Red Sea market; we are ready to supply our clients with all the information they need about How?, Where?, and for How much? They can buy a property, we help you to take the right decision in the right time, go ahead contact our team for a free advice about all what can be related to Real Estate in Red Sea region.

New Concept

Both the local residence of Hurghada, the tourists and regular visitors to the area are all noticing the rapid development taking place, many positive changes are happening to enhance and build upon the areas natural resources and beautiful surroundings.

An increasing number of people who visit the Red Sea and especially Hurghada on regular two week vacations have realized that a couple of weeks at a time is simply not enough to fully explore and enjoy the dynamic, charming city and surrounding areas as well as take part in the wealth of superb activities.

We believe in the variety of life and know that everyone has there own individual taste and style therefore we have made extra special efforts to ensure that the collection of properties on offer in the Al Dora Residence satisfies your individual tastes and requirements.


Al Dora is prominently situated only 10 minutes from the International airport of Hurghada and also only 10 minutes to downtown Hurghada.

Located within the northern periphery of Hurghada right near the Red Sea with awesome sea views and set in an attractive quiet residential area in the government quarter “EL Helal” the Al Dora Residence Resort offers you an exceptional chance to have your own share of luxury and natural welfare in one of the most desirable locations on Egypt’s Red Sea Coast.

The very desirable and unique location, the developments elegant and smart design with spacious green landscapes surrounding the properties that boast amazing views provide you with a harmonious atmosphere throughout the day and night.

Our Vision

Creating a ‘distinguished’ home for you is our main goal. However we also intend to provide a place where you can find peace of mind, relaxation, welfare, and luxury, a place that can both satisfy your enthusiasm for comfort and different lifestyle needs.

In the beginning “Al Dora Residence” emerged from a dream to offer a distinguished home for everyone.

The spacious green landscapes surrounding the property boast amazing views of the Red Sea and provide you with a harmonious atmosphere throughout the day.

You can relax safe in the knowledge that the Al Dora Residence resort has a high level of security in operation 24 hours a day. The environment enables you to enjoy your favorite day-to-day activities and hobbies like diving and wind-surfing or you can simply spend time relaxing in the Spa with peace of mind and Serenity.

The Al Dora residential units are located in a quiet area, the government quarter “EL Helal” within the northern periphery of Hurghada with an awesome view of the Red Sea that you simply must see to believe.

The unique and wonderful location of Al Dora residence is situated to help maximize benefits both inside and outside of the resort.

You will find a variety of shops, restaurants, and markets all close to your home that will satisfy your every need at anytime.

The resort is only 10 minutes from the international airport and 10 minutes from downtown Hurghada where you can easily experience the real traditional life of the Hurghada people.

As an owner of one of Al Dora Residence’s properties you will be exclusively offered a membership card to enjoy the privilege of special discounts, facilities and services from the well known 5 star “Sea Star Beau Rivage Hotel”.

You are invited to join us in our dream of distinction and the creation of a perfect residential community that is now our reality, and soon to be yours.

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